Europe Gospel Trip Report from Gloria Kwong

Dear saints,

Greetings from the saints in Spain! I had the opportunity and privilege to blend with the saints there while participating in the Europe gospel trip a few weeks ago. The trainees gathered in London at Bower House where the FTTL takes place for a 2-day orientation before the teams dispersed to eight different countries. During that time we were freshly infused with a vision of what the Lord is doing in His up-to-date and present move to gain His testimony in Europe to prepare His Bride and bring in His kingdom. Even from scanning the news reports, it’s striking that the world news is focused around Syria, Greece, Iran and Israel, pointing to all the prophesies. The world situation is coming more and more in line with Biblical prophesy. But, the Lord still needs His testimony in Europe. We’ve been enjoying these portions from the Life-Study of Ephesians where Brother Lee releases this burden:

“May the Lord impress us that it is not an insignificant matter to be in His recovery. The time is short, and the Lord’s coming is close. Surely before He comes back the Bride must be ready for Him. There may not be time for the Lord to begin another work apart from the recovery as a preparation of the Bride.”

“We praise the Lord that however weak and imperfect we may be, He is going on among us. We believe that the church life will spread in Europe and eventually reach Jerusalem. We believe that when the Lord sets His feet on the Mount of Olives at the time of His coming back, there will be a church in Jerusalem to meet Him. What a shame it would be to Him if there were no church in Jerusalem at His coming! Oh, may we all be clear that we are not involved in an ordinary Christian work. We are in the Lord’s recovery, in His move on earth today.”

During the gospel trip, I felt like we weren’t there to really do much in the way of an outward work, but we were simply witnessing what the Lord is doing in His move and we were there receiving a burden by being with the saints and seeing the real situation.  The Lord is spreading and gaining His testimony in a small and steady way. Yet, I had a sense that the Lord is really intensifying His move in these days, especially seeing how the Lord was able to raise up something in Rome, Italy in the past few months with some saints migrating, some local Italians being gained and now the Lord’s table on June 17! Hallelujah! It’s amazing to read it in the ministry and realize it’s being fulfilled:

“I believe that in the coming years the Lord will spread the church life to England, Germany, France, and Italy. Furthermore, I believe that one day there will be a church in Rome and even in Jerusalem, where the church life began more than nineteen centuries ago. Acts 1:9-12 tells us that Christ ascended from the Mount of Olives, and Zechariah 14:4 reveals that Christ will return also to the Mount of Olives. In the same principle, the Lord began His church in Jerusalem and, I believe, will send the recovery of His church back to Jerusalem.”

“However, the United States is not the goal; it is a stepping-stone for the spread of the recovery to Europe and eventually to Jerusalem. The Lord began from Jerusalem and then spread the church to Greece and Italy. I believe that He will also go back to Jerusalem by way of Italy and Greece. I long for there to be a church in Jerusalem waiting for the Lord Jesus when He returns.”

I went to Malaga, Spain where there are around 40 saints meeting together. A large number of them are young people from elementary school age up through college age. We spent a lot of time with the young people who really have a heart for the Lord. Many desire to go to the Training, but they need the prayer of the Body to work out the way. The situation in Spain, and in all of Europe, is very secular and dark. One trainee shared an experience of a young person in Germany where she was ridiculed by her teacher and the class for being a Christian and believing in the Bible. Speaking to native Europeans we found that once ‘Christ’, ‘God’, ‘Bible’ was mentioned, they would immediately associate it with religion and their concepts of an oppressive and empty system would hinder them from opening. However, we were faithful to sow the seeds and speak the high truths– we told them about the human spirit, the Triune God dispensing Himself into the tripartite man for His expression, eating Christ and experiencing Him as life. Many were at least impressed by something they had never heard before, and some even prayed to receive the Lord in a definite way.

In Madrid (I only stayed in Southern Spain) the trainees spent a lot of time with the full-timers there including Belen and Russell Cox. Some of you might remember Belen from when she was in Dunn Loring. They are so burdened that some would pay the price to go and migrate to Europe. Being there I realized it’s not an easy thing to be there and any romanticized notions I had about living in Europe disappeared. Continue to pray for all the saints there that through our petition they would be bountifully supplied with the Spirit of Jesus Christ to live and magnify Christ. I appreciate that our labor is primarily through prayer. I realized even if I never have the opportunity to go to Europe ever again, I’ll be praying because the saints are in my heart and the Lord’s heart is there to carry out His move and return. Here in Boston we continue to pray even that the Lord would raise up the prayer He needs in the Body to carry out this final move and also that Boston would really be a stepping-stone to Europe. Many of us are graduating (again) in June and we are looking to the Lord for His personal and corporate leading. Thank you all for your continued prayer and support, I’m not sure where I’ll be after this year, but I appreciate the fellowship and the Body so much. There’s no way to go on without it. Feel free to write me any updates or prayer burdens! I’d love to hear from you and I hope to see you soon! Grace be with you all.