Report from Rachel Birk

First, I would like to thank you all for your prayers and support for the past 2 years.  The Lord has gained much and is continuing to gain more of my being.  The training has been such a blessing and privilege.  I feel that the Lord has had a way to really change my life for His benefit through this training. I pray the Lord would continue to gain my heart and entire being as well as all of yours.  The Lord is always training us in every situation.  Praise the Lord for His steadfastness and love for each one of us.
As I am continuing on following the Lord, I am here in London.  Thank you for your prayers concerning the distribution in London.  Ahava, Sarah and I are here.  Today we went out to distribute the bibles as the torch was going by.  The burden here is that people would not just get a free bible but that the Lord would gain man for His kingdom, for Him to have a way to come back.  My burden is that you all would continue to pray and like in Ezekiel 36:27 for the Lord to increase them with men like a flock.  And one of the cross references is Isaiah 45:11…And concerning the work of My hands, command Me.   There is much need for prayer.  I just wanted to share this burden with you all so that we could fight on together in the Body.  The Lord is gaining much here and the people have been surprisingly open so far.  May the Lord gain the testimony He needs in the whole inhabited earth.
Much grace dearest saints,
Rachel Birk